How does i5 handle events in message queue

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How are i5 messages handled when system starts and also when the agent has
been down?


When a message queue situation is started, the previous 30 minutes of

messages are retrieved. After this, messages are retrieved every 2

If the agent is ended or if the situation is stopped, there is no data
maintained to indicate which messages have been processed. When the
agent and situation are started, then the previous 30 minutes of
messages are retrieved again.

Beginning with 6.23 FP2 and later, an environment variable was added
that allows the user to set whether the previous 30 minutes of messages
are retrieved when the situation starts or whether to start with
messages from the current time. The name of the environment variable is:


0 = default action (i.e. retrieve previous 30 minutes)
1 = collect messages from start of situation, no previous messages

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