Out-Of-Box (OOB) reports in IBM RLKS Administration And Reporting Tool may show a subset of information for large volumes of data.

Technote (troubleshooting)


OOB reports may show a subset of license usage information when a user has selected one or more of the following..

1). A large number of products
2). A high frequency, e.g., Hourly
3). A large duration is selected, e.g., 6 months

In the above circumstances, a large volume of data may be returned by the database. Browsers cannot display chart images with such large volumes. Hence, the charts contain only a subset of information to allow them to display properly in the browser.

The following chart-based OOB reports may display a subset of information when handling such large volumes of data:

Peak Usage
Peak Denial
Available Licenses

In addition, the database also has a limitation of returning only 15,000 records by default. This limit affects all OOB reports. When this limit is reached, all OOB reports display a subset of license usage information.

Resolving the problem

The IBM RLKS Administration And Reporting Tool attempts to display a maximum of approximately 300 odd records in the chart so that the image of the chart can be rendered by the browser. The IBM RLKS Administration And Reporting Tool also displays a message indicating that the report shows a subset of information and that the user should try another set of parameters to improve the coverage of data in the chart.


1). Export the OOB report into a data format of your choice. The exported data will represent the license usage data according to all the selected user parameters in the report.
2). Select a fewer number of products, a lower frequency and/or a smaller duration and re-run the report.
3). Increase the "Query Result Set Limit" for the Data Store. A screenshot is attached for reference.

How to reset "Query Result Set Limit" for the Data Store?

  1. Enter http://<Hostname>:4380/lqe in a browser.
  2. Provide Administrator credentials for login.
  3. Navigate to "Administration -> Query Service".
  4. Click the "Edit" link at the top right corner of the panel.
  5. Modify the value in the "Query Result Set Limit" field.

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