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FileNet Image Services SDS_only documents may not write correctly on a Windows Platform

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Documents committed to an SDS device may not write correctly if your environment meets all the following conditions:

1. You are using the SDS_fbc_breakup trigger file
2. The Image Services family is configured for SDS_only
3. The Image Services platform is Windows
4. You are committing a fast batch object
5. The Fast Batch Committal document is larger than the document buffer size
(The recommended default buffer size is 1024K)

Here is a sample Image Services elog entry of a document that did not write to the SDS correctly.

2013/08/07 02:00:39.210 77,1,58 HGENS0058E <fnsw> SDS_worker 2 1 (4600.4392.96 0x11f8.1128) ... [SERIOUS]
Checksum failed page=0 doc_id=31533327 ddlen=268
alternate csum1(dochdr)=5fcee4cf csum2=14e380dd line=7498
obj_fits_buff=TRUE has_csum=FALSE CREATE_CSUM=TRUE
dochdr_csum3=14e32245 dochdr_csum4=d4842fcd dochdr_csum5=3c262fcd


Because it is more efficient, the FBC Breakup First feature is the recommended solution to resolve this issue. To use this recommended solution, create the FBC_breakup_first trigger file rather than the SDS_fbc_breakup trigger file.

For customers that wish to use the SDS Fast Batch Breakup feature, the Image Services Fix Packs and will include the fix for this SDS Fast Batch Breakup issue.

For details on the SDS_fbc_breakup trigger file, refer to page 54 in the Integral SDS Procedures and Guidelines for FileNet Image Services, Version 4.2 manual.

For details on the FBC_breakup_first trigger file, refer to page 94 in the FileNet Image Services System Configuration Overview, Version 4.2 manual.


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More support for: FileNet Image Services

Software version: 4.1.2, 4.2

Operating system(s): Windows

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Modified date: 07 December 2016

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