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Collecting Data: Web Application Bridge (WAB) for WebSphere Portal

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Collecting troubleshooting data for Web Application Bridge (WAB) issues with IBM® WebSphere® Portal expedites time to resolution by enabling IBM Support to provide informed problem analysis


If you have already contacted IBM Support and must collect data to determine the nature of a problem in WebSphere Portal, review the information below for the available methods of data collection. Otherwise, review Collecting Data: Read first for WebSphere Portal.

Collecting Migration specific information

Web Application Bridge (WAB) issues can occur for various reasons including incorrect configuration values or failures to follow all of the steps in the documentation.

Data Collection

1) Please provide us the versionInfo.log file from the <wp_profile_home>/PortalServer/log directory.

2) What Operation System (OS) and database one is using with the WebSphere Portal server?

3) Please provide the information about the backend application that one is trying to configure with the WAB? For instance, where it is located, what kind of authentication it is using/configured, etc

4) Provide the detail screenshots of current issue that one is seeing with WAB.

5) Screenshots of VWA settings for all tabs in VWA Manager Portlet as well settings in edit shared of Webdock.

6) Fiddler ( ( traces - BOTH while accessing the back-end application directly from browser as well from WAB

NOTE : please make sure it is captured in two separate fiddler trace files.

7) In case of any js errors : Screenhost of 'console' tab of firebug in Firefox or 'console' of IE8 web developer tool.

If the screenshot does not capture all the text, then please copy paste contents in the file and provide that file as well.

8) Enable the following WAB traces :**=all enabled
Recreate the issue once and capture all the log files from <wp_profile_home>/logs directory.

9) Collecting and submitting logs and configuration data

1. Reproduce the problem.

2. Run the following script from <wp_profile>/PortalServer/bin to collect the data:

Windows: wpcollector.bat

NOTE: The above tracing is correct for WebSphere Portal 7/8 but for WebSphere Portal 8.5, we need to collect this tracing:******=all

Collecting and submitting logs and configuration data

Send the files to IBM Support by using the instructions outlined in Exchanging information with IBM Technical Support for problem determination.

Note: When sending in logs for review, include any relevant screenshots, timestamps, userIds, etc. in order to expedite analysis of the issue.

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Software version: 8.0, 8.5

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