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Manually running DBServerInfo stored procedures

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How do you manually gather the DBServerInfo information when the DBServerInfo script fails to run properly?


In rare cases, the DBServerInfo script fails to properly generate the DBServerInfo log file. In such a scenario, you might need to manually gather the DBServerInfo logs.


The following instructions describe how run a SQL query to gather the information that is normally contained in a DBServerInfo log file:

  1. Log in to the server that contains your SiteProtector Database.
  2. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
  3. Click the New Query button to open a new query window.
  4. In the menu, click Query > Results To > Results to File.
  5. Copy the following query into the query window:

    use RealSecureDB;
    execute iss_DBSI_Main
    execute iss_DBSI_Registry
    execute iss_DBSI_sensordetail
    execute iss_DBSI_desktop
    execute iss_DBSI_Licence
    execute iss_DBSI_SQLAgent
    execute iss_DBSI_LoginSPID
    execute iss_DBSI_Schedule
    execute iss_DBSI_Locks
    execute iss_DBSI_Policy
    execute iss_DBSI_EventSummary
    execute iss_DBSI_Maintanance
    execute iss_DBSI_MaintananceLog
    execute iss_DBSI_SiteFilters
    execute iss_DBSI_TSQLs
    execute iss_DBSI_Top25
    execute iss_DBSI_SensorGroup
    execute iss_DBSI_DataHistory
    execute iss_DBSI_Permissions
    execute iss_DBSI_Assets
    execute iss_DBSI_SQLDiagUtility;

  6. Press F5 to run the query.
  7. Specify the file name and location where the file should be saved.

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