Sametime Public group breaks if members do not exist in the names.nsf

Technote (troubleshooting)


Members of Sametime public groups do not display or appear listed when doing a
right click -> Show Group Contents from the Sametime contact list if any member of
the list does not have a person record in the LDAP Domino directory.


No Sametime users will be present in the public group.


A member of the Sametime public group does not exist in the names.nsf


Windows OS

Diagnosing the problem

Checking that all of the users in the affected Sametime public group reside in the names.nsf (have a person record in the LDAP Domino).

Resolving the problem

Work around may be to remove the person from the Sametime public group, and stop/start the STComm server.

Changing the default access on the primary names.nsf from "No Access" to "Reader" resolves the problem.'

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