The DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition license shipped with SmartCloud Orchestrator 2.2 expires 90 days after installation time (APAR ZZ00118)

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IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator 2.2 was shipped with a trial license of DB2 AESE and the DB2 installation will expire 90 days after installation time and SmartCloud Orchestrator 2.2 will stop working.

It is strongly recommended to check the expiry date and to install a valid permanent license before the license expires. APAR ZZ00118 is fixed in IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator Fixpack 1. If the DB2 license is not already expired and will not expire shortly then Fixpack 1 should be the preferred way to install a permanent license. If the DB2 license has expired or you can not immediately upgrade to Fixpack 1, please proceed with upgrading the DB2 license on SmartCloud Orchestrator 2.2 by executing the steps described below.


To complete the following steps, a DB2 license file called "db2ese_o.lic" is required, which customers who are entitled to IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator 2.2 can request. Please contact IBM support to receive this DB2 license file.

Entitled customers should use the attached files and the license file and follow the instructions in the README in order to downgrade the existing AESE installation to an ESE installation and import the ESE license.

Customers can check when the license expires as follows:

1) Logon to firstbox
2) ssh db2srv
3) su - db2inst1 -c 'db2licm -l'
4) The result will display the expiry date of DB2. Check the expiry date of DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition
Product name: "DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition"
License type: "Trial"
Expiry date: "10/07/2013"
Product identifier: "db2aese"
Version information: "10.1"

Product name: "DB2 Connect Server"
License type: "Trial"
Expiry date: "10/07/2013"
Product identifier: "db2consv"
Version information: "10.1"

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