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SDK Sample to add, modify, or delete users and their permissions in a folder permissions tab

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How can I add/delete a user or modify a user's permissions in a folder permissions tab.


The attached sample allows the following tasks:
- add a user to a folder permissions tab
- modify permissions of a user in a folder permissions tab
- delete a user from a folder permissions tab

Note: This sample will query and update the Content Store.

Note that you must change the following values to match your environment before compiling the code:
String endPointURL = "

String nameSpaceID = "namespaceid";
String userName = "admin";
String password = "password";
String folderSearchPath = "/content/folder[@name='Folder_ExpressAuthors']";
String userSearchPath_AddModify =
String userSearchPath_Delete = "";

For those new to the SDK, please refer to the following document under IBM Cognos Software Development Kit documentation: IBM Cognos Software Development Kit Getting Started.

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SDK Sample permissions user

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Modified date: 01 July 2014

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