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ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE may fail with error SQL2103N / Reason code 6

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Row level Label-based access control (LBAC) protect tables cannot be moved using ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE procedure. The main reason that we block the move is that some data (rows) may not be seen by the user who performed online table move (OTM), so that the data might be lost. But the column level LBAC is supported because it is merely an access control, and does not hide or mask data.

Simiar restriction applies to newly added feature in DB2 version 10.1 i.e row and column access control (RCAC) which is sometimes referred to as fine-grained access control or FGAC.

$ db2 "CALL SYSPROC.ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE ('SAMPLE', 'TABLE1','TABLE1', 'TABLE1', 'TABLE1','', '', '', '', '', 'MOVE')"
SQL2103N  The ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE procedure could not be completed because some
aspect of either the source table or target table is not supported by the
ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE procedure.  Reason code: "6".  SQLSTATE=5UA0M

You can verify table protection granularity by looking at PROTECTIONGRANULARITY column of the table by running below query :

db2 "select protectiongranularity from syscat.tables where tabname='table_name'"

Value includes :
B = Both column- and row-level granularity
C = Column-level granularity
R = Row-level granularity
Blank = Non-protected table


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