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Support policy for customization of the Standard Mail Template

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What is the Support policy for customization of the Standard Mail Template?


Customizing Domino database templates, including the Standard Mail template, is a common practice with many customers. This document outlines the support policy for customization of the Standard Mail template.
Using a customized Mail template is not an unsupported configuration. However, IBM Lotus Support will not be able to assist with the creation of customizations to a Mail template, nor will IBM Lotus Support be able to troubleshoot issues that arise from the usage of a customized Mail template.

One reason for this is that the design of the Standard Mail template contains undocumented LotusScript and Formula function calls in certain locations that rely on certain portions of the mail design to be intact. Another reason is that the Notes Client core product code is designed do things in-between the execution of certain events within the mail file design and that product code makes assumptions about what the template code is doing based on the Standard Mail template design.

For these reasons and others, when a suspected product issue arises within a database that uses a mail template that has been customized, IBM Lotus Support will request that the design of the Standard Mail template be applied to the database as a test to see if the issue still occurs. If it does, IBM Lotus Support will be able to investigate the issue further. However, if the removal of the customizations also removes the trigger of the issue, customers will be asked to pinpoint which specific customization is trigging the issue and to demonstrate that the design of that customization triggers the same issue in a database that is not based on a Mail template design.

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