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IBM SPSS Statistics Dialog box disappears

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I am using IBM SPSS Statistics 21 and have been trying to launch my chart editor and suddenly it no longer appears. I was able to access this dialog earlier this week. What could be wrong?


Attempt to bring up dialog box fails.


Working with dual monitors then switching back to a single monitor can cause this issue as the dialog box position may still be set to the second monitor. We have also seen this when changing screen resolutions.


Windows. IBM SPSS Statistics 21.

Resolving the problem

One solution to this problem is to change the screen resolution. If the resolution is set very high, lowering it can be useful in locating the hidden dialog box. If changing the resolution allows you to again see the dialog box, move it to the center of the screen. Change back to the original resolution and make sure you are still able to bring this dialog box up.

Another solution to this problem is to use the keyboard to bring up the MOVE arrow. To bring up the MOVE functionality, hold these keys in this order:

Alt + Shift then Space and M

This should bring up the double headed arrow for use in dragging the dialog box back into a position where you can best see and access it..

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