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Read-only TPC log files prevent TPC server from starting/running

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Why does the TPC device server process fail to start, only logging "The IBM WebSphere Application Server V6.1 - DeviceServer service was terminated with service-specific error The handle is invalid..", and not update any application logs with failure indications?


Log directories set to read-only for the system group


Situations have been observed where various directories within the TPC installation directory structure have been changed to read only for the system group. This prevents the TPC Device Server process from writing anything to logs, and thus it won't start and won't log any type of meaningful messaging anywhere. Sample screenshots showing the un-informative Windows service control manager messaging:

from services.msc:

Details of that message:

When this is observed, check permissions for the system group on all TPC directories starting with \Program Files\IBM\TPC. The system group should have full administrative read/write/execute permissions on all log directories.

[8/9/13 0:27:42:061 PKT] 00000013 SystemErr R E:\Program Files\IBM\TPC\device\tmp\runLock (Access is denied.)
[8/9/13 0:27:42:061 PKT] 00000013 SystemErr R at<init>(
[8/9/13 0:27:42:061 PKT] 00000013 SystemErr R at<init>(
[8/9/13 0:27:42:061 PKT] 00000013 SystemErr R at com.tivoli.sanmgmt.middleware.TSNMServiceManager.<clinit>(


8/8/13 6:32:07 PM SRV0400I: ITLM Agent is not installed, running, or communication with ITLM server failed. Server startup will continue. E:\Program Files\IBM\TPC\data\log\rm0.log (Access is denied.)

Once permissions are restored, start the TPC Device Server again and log in. If there are still issues with logging in but the device server is up and listening on port 9550, then examine the log files within the Device Server's WAS profile directory (differs by version).

TPC 4.2.2 and prior:

TPC 5.1 and newer:

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