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Steps for cleanly re-installing a fresh relay

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Steps to take when a relay is to be cleanly re-installed.

Resolving the problem


To cleanly re-install a fresh relay take the following steps (do not take these steps on the main server):

  1. Remote Desktop into the relay machine.
  2. Download and run the remove utility and remove all components.
  3. Close and run the remove utility again to verify all components have been removed.
  4. Download and run the cleanup registry keys script.
  5. Restart the machine.
  6. Deploy the client to the endpoint either manually by downloading the client installer and masthead from the server (typically found in C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Installers\Client on the server) and running them on the machine or by using the Client Deploy Tool.
  7. If the newly installed client can register with the main server directly across the network go to step 8. If the client needs to register and report through a relay to get to the server, make this relay assignment by editing the following key in the relay machine's registry and restart the client service:

    value =

8. Once the newly installed client reports into the console, take action on the relay deployment task that
    found in the BES Support site. Note: If you need to deploy older version of the relay so that the version of the relay is consistent with the version of the client you are deploying, you can download these fixlets here under the sections that say "Upgraded Fixlet messages/Tasks". Once downloaded, unzip them and import them into the console.
Note: Do not use the Add/Remove tool in Windows to remove IEM components as this leaves artifacts behind which may interfere with future client install/operations. Use the remove utility to remove IEM components.

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