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Upgrading and reopening an Encyclopedia results in "The upgrade failed" error in Rational System Architect

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to reopen an Encylopedia after upgrading results in "The upgrade failed, please re-open the encyclopedia to complete the upgrade" message IBM Rational System Architect(SA).


  • After the upgrade stops you notice in the "Converting User Property Generator Meta Model Objects" window the following message:

    Object variable or With block variable not set
    The upgrade failed, please re-open the encyclopedia to complete the upgrade. Failing to do so may have undesirable effects.

  • On subsequent attempts to re-open the encyclopedia the above message reoccurs and in the SA 'Satus Bar' for each matrix you notice messages, for example the "Application to Technology" matrix as follows:

    Creating Template Matrix - Application to Technology


The "SA Update Level" definition is locked hence the upgrade process cannot complete.

Resolving the problem

To allow the update process to complete so you do not receive the upgrade failed message, you must use SA Encyclopedia Manager (SAEM) to unlock the "SA Update Level" definition and then reopen the encyclopedia as follows:

  1. Exit SA.

  2. Launch SAEM.

  3. Connect to your encyclopedia.

  4. Press the unlock icon on the SAEM toolbar.

  5. Find in the objects locked window the SA Update Level definition. It should be as follows:
    Class = 3
    Type = 267
    Name = SA Update Level

  6. Tick the unlock box for the SA Update Level definition.

  7. Press the unlock icon on the toolbar for the objects locked window.

  8. Exit SAEM.

  9. Launch SA.

  10. Open your encyclopedia.

Note: After unlocking the definition in SAEM and then on the first attempt to open the encyclopedia in SA the " Creating Template Matrix - ..." messages will be seen. However, on subsequent attempts to open the encyclopedia those messages will not be seen.

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