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WebSphere Commerce application tier migration fails on Web Module

Technote (troubleshooting)


When running the application tier migration using the Migration Wizard, the following error occurs in the wcim.server log:


[2013.] VERBOSE: -listDeployedWebModules:
[2013.] INFO: [wcimListFilesTask] deployedWAR=wcadmin,InitializationServlet,SiteAdministration,wcs,Preview,CommerceAccelerator,OrganizationAdministration,Stores,wcorgadmin,Enablement-BusinessContextWebServicesRouter,wcsstore,WebServicesRouter,Telesales-BaseWebServicesRouter


[2013.] ERROR: C:
\Programs\IBM\WEBSPH~1\WCS70\migration\xml\features\BASE\app\common.xml:147: java.util.prefs.InvalidPreferencesFormatException: /modules/war/wcadmin
[2013.] ERROR: Total time: 15 minutes 25 seconds
[2013.] ERROR: [WCIMANT] <run> WCIM has completed the job
(s) with errors. Check the log files for details.


In the WebSphere Commerce V6.0 EAR backup, the following module(s) may be present based on the output from the log above:


These modules may have originated from your original WebSphere Commerce V6.0 Developer Toolkit environment but they should not be needed for the V7.0 server environment.

Resolving the problem

In your V6.0 environment, remove the above modules from the EAR using the WebSphere Administration Console:

Applications > Enterprise Applications > WC_instance_name > Web Modules

Take a new backup of the V6.0 EAR and retry the application tier migration using the Migration Wizard. You may need to delete the new V7.0 profile if it had already been created as part of the last migration attempt. The manageprofiles command may be used to delete the profile:

manageprofiles command

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