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Warning Message of Exceeding The Monthly Limit

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Why IBM Social Media Analytics generates a warning message that the monthly document limit has exceeded, for example:

"This job returns approximately 683111 documents.  In calculating this number, 6 out of 30 queries failed which affected the count.  Running this job may cause you to exceed your monthly limit."


The warning is displayed when there is no ability for IBM Social Media Analytics (SMA) to estimate the documents count due to exceptional issues with the data provider.


Before launching a job, SMA tries to query BoardReader for potential number of documents to check if monthly limit could be exceeded. In case of some query failures from BoardReader, SMA has no knowledge on how many documents will be fetched in the final job run if those failure queries succeed, therefore the warning "Running this job may cause you to exceed your monthly limit" text is added to the response message from BoardReader as a precautionary measure.

There are multiple reasons that BoardReader could fail a query, most of time it is timeout due to too many queries, or BoardReader fails to respond in some circumstances. Note that this happens only when getting the number of documents. When the actual query is launched, it should return back successfully.

The end users do not need to worry about the warning message if number of documents returned is significantly less than the monthly limit setting and most of the queries have succeeded.

The user can get the monthly limit configuration from this URL:

Please also refer to SMA Administration Guide for details about document limiter features:

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