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SDK Sample to execute an Active Report and retrieve the Output in MHT format

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How to run an Active Report with the SDK and retrieve the output ?


An Active Report is a class of interactiveReport for the SDK.

It needs to be run only with HTML specified as output format ennumeration, and the received output needs to be in a file type of MHT (MHTML).

This sample code shows how to do this with the SDK.

Note that you must change the following values to match your environment before compiling the code:

// Change these parameters to match your environment
// Output location
String outputPath = "/home/usera/A_Test/";
// Active Report being run
String reportPath = "/content/folder[@name='A_Test']/folder[@name='Active_Test']/interactiveReport[@name='AProduct_PriceQty']";
// Dispatcher URL
runActiveReport rar = new runActiveReport("http://localhost:9300/p2pd/servlet/dispatch");
// Logon information
System.out.println(rar.quickLogon("Basic", "usera", "usera"));

For those new to the SDK, please refer to the following document under IBM Cognos Software Development Kit documentation: IBM Cognos Software Development Kit Getting Started.

Tested with IBMC 10.2.0 and Java JDK 6.0

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