PXE boot hang

Technote (troubleshooting)


Booting new hardware for deployment you find that it does not properly PXE boot.


At PXE boot, a splash screen partially loads and then seems to hang.


New hardware may come with BIOS levels, BIOS settings or hardware configurations which are inconsistent.

Resolving the problem

Here are a few steps to follow when working with new hardware that does not PXE boot correctly:
- Check the vendor website and update the BIOS to the latest available level.
- Check the BIOS settings and remove any extraneous or unnecessary settings.
- Compare all BIOS settings against other working hardware.
- Configure the target to use kernel-free boot method which provides better tolerance for newer hardware.
- Wipe the hard disks to ensure that there are no existing boot data which could interfere with PXE.
- Eliminate PXE and use USB/DVD boot media to manage this new hardware type.

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