Intermittently you cannot switch keyboards from Hebrew to US English and visa versa when using left ALT+ Shift in Windows 7 when using Lotus Notes Standard 8.5.2 and 8.5.3.

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There are no specific steps to reproduce the problem; it is seemingly intermittent.

1. Add an additional keyboard in Windows Regional settings.
2. Add text to a message in Notes.
3. Press ALT+Shift to switch keyboards from Hebrew to US English.
4. Notice in Windows it does switch to US English but in Notes Standard it is stuck in Hebrew.


Usually when you press ALT+shift to switch keyboards it will switch in Windows but not in Notes, you will be stuck using the same keyboard and you can only type either Hebrew or US English no matter how many times you press left ALT+shift.
When the issue occurs you can open up another program in Windows and the keyboard has switched as expected.


Windows 7.

Resolving the problem

Pressing CTRL+Shift switches the keyboard when the issue occurs.

This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering under APAR LO76058 and SPR PMLN997GBJ.

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