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Message "lin_tape: IBMtapeXX----0003D tape_modesense10_page failed: -22"

Technote (troubleshooting)


IBM LinTape Device Driver used for a virtual tape library (VTL) emulating an IBM device (ie. IBM LTO 3 drives) may log an error into the /var/log/messages file of the RHEL client machine.


The error message will be similar to this:

Nov22 08:23:06 localhost kernel: lin_tape: IBMtape18----0003D
tape_modesense10_page failed: -22

Despite this kind of error, Tivoli Storage Manager operations to tape will work fine.


This is due to an emulation problem with the VTL: it is not supporting a virtual tape drive SCSI mode page it is supposed to be supporting.
Ready for Tivoli tested VTL partners have been informed of the problem and how to correctly report the mode page.

Resolving the problem

Contact VTL vendor to get proper code fix for this problem.

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Reference #: 1644827

Modified date: 26 May 2016

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