Domino Server Event Generator is not sending trigger response

Technote (troubleshooting)


Event handler sends e-mails to non-Domino e-mail address only for some events.

Domino Server Event Generator (Check just the ability to access to destination server), Database Event Generator (Monitor ACL Change), Task Status Event Generator (HTTP Server Up/Down), Statistic Event Generator(Mail.Dead) and Buil-in Event The ACL in database <string> has been changed by <name> - does not work. In case of events of these types no notifications been received


Event4.nsf do not support Cyrillic character. The name of the event is in Cyrillic because of the user name that created the event document. The name is generated based on the first initials of the user name. In this case it was user ""Илья В Королев" hence the name of the event was ИВКВ-98TLNB

Resolving the problem

Created a new event with English Administrator name and issue got resolved

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