Link Wizard does not reflect view's used query

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If you create a Dynamic Link with Link Wizard, by linking to a workspace with a custom query, you may expect that all the Attributes are reported under the "Symbols" folder while you only find some of them.

Resolving the problem

The link wizard only prompts for link symbol and query symbol values if it cannot resolve the symbol to a non-blank value. If you are reaching the source workspace via a link that defines a value for myNode (for example), the link wizard from the workspace reached via the link does not prompt for myNode because it was able to resolve the value based on the previous link.

The link wizard behaves this way because it was built with the assumption that you would want to pass along values established at a higher level when drilling down to a lower level. The only way to resolve this is to define a linkSymbol with the same name as the query symbol.

For example:

Assume 3 workspaces and two links:
WS1 is selected from the navigator
WS1 defines L1 that links to WS2
WS2 defines L2 that links to WS3
WS1, WS2, and WS3 all use a query that contains a reference to $myNode$.

When L1 is defined, the link wizard prompts for a value for myNode and you provide an expression that produces a non-blank value.

When L1 is followed to WS2 and the link wizard is launched to define L2, it does not prompt for a value for myNode because the value you defined in L1 is not blank and the link wizard assumes you want to use it. If this is not the case, you can add a link symbol to L2 called myNode and provide a different value. When the link is launched, the link symbols are evaluated first and then the query symbols are evaluated in a separate pass.

In summary, the result changes if the workspace where the link is being defined is reached by a link from itself or some other workspace or the link source workspace is selected directly from a navigator node.

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