Sametime 852 Cumulative Fix 2 for IBM Sametime Community Server 8.5.2 Based Versions

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Cumulative Fix 2 for IBM Sametime Community Server 8.5.2 based versions is now available for downloading from Fix Central.
The Cumulative Fix 2 is availalbe for Windows and Linux platforms.

Cumulative Fix 2 includes fixes for the issues listed below in the "SPR Fix List" section .


SPR Fix List

1. IMAN8S6LJX - defensive fix for Buddylist SubscriptionManager application failure. The failure occurred when user online event is received for a user whose STID community name is not empty.
2. IMAN8RQJ57- Buddylist SubscriptionManager application crashes in a scenario when remote Buddylist application on other community server is unavailable
3. GMOH-8P3HVM - STPresence Subscription excessive traffic issue related to public groups that saturate the network.
4. LKON8UADVW- Intermittent crashes after disconnection from remote servers in the community. The crash itself happens during the relogin attempt between the servers.
5. ECLD8NTKJR - 852 IFR1 fix -> Offline messages channels hang when ldap is down or offline message recipient isn't found in the directory
6. ECLD8NTK54 - 852 IFR1 fix -> Requests that might get lost during respray (relevant not only for offline messages)
7. ECLD8NBMLF - 852 IFR1 fix -> Possible OOM in StOfflineMessages service when handling a very big amount of expired undelivered messages.
8. RBLE8UHHLL - On Demand Cache Refresh
9. RBLE8TFELJ - No Response to Group Content Request in case ST Directory receives 3 (or more) simultaneous requests for the same group.
10.RBLE8RJEGW - Public groups vanish after directory refresh
11. RBLE8QVM7W - Race Condition in ST Directory Breaks Public Group Awareness
12. LKON8T89QM - StLogger intermittently crashes during Sametime Community server shutdown.
13 ARIY8SHFJC - StMux crashed when a Java Connect user had to be redirected through the stand alone mux to another server during the login process.
14. AZTV7PCP3R - New name-change task - to delete from vpuserinfo.nsf, selective-status documents which their 'buddies' field is empty.
15. IMAN8QMLZJ - Client client id/version depended policy solution for SSC deployment
16.IMAN8P4GZV - UserInfo does not respond to Business card user requests if the custom NSF does not have a configured view.
17.IMAN8NPM9C - JNDI LDAP "NameNotFoundException" exception should be logged using INFO level whenever a user name is not found in LDAP directory
18.LKON8S3DRE - In community SSO configuration with dual directory, there are scenario where the server does not search a received DN (Distinguished Name) during in both LDAP and Domino directory.
19. RBLE8RPFEB - Missing Group Members in LDAP Nested Groups when the "Base DN for searching people" in the Stconfig-> LDAP document setting is different than the "Base DN for searching groups
20. RBLE8R4E42 - StLdap Crash After Rebind.
21.TOHE8SULKL - Selective status list not working between 8.5.1/ and 8.5.2/8.5.2 IFR1 servers in case that the Sametime user IDs contain any upper case letters.
22. LKON8WA98C - ConcurrentModificationException in Buddylist STPresence (PSP) application.
23. IMAN936LNV - Fix for PSP component of Buddylist application - correct management of userOffline event when the last disconnected user's login is a passive login
24. LKON8VU98T - Removal of too verbose prints from info level tracing of the buddy list component
25. IMAN8XSFQ5 - Occasionally ST users connect to the community and can't get own awareness status. The other users see this buddy as offline
26 IMAN8YWKHP - Improve SubscriptionManager mechanism to manipulate more efficiently large groups in privacy list of watchers and improve memory management.
27. ARIY8L2JMQ - Chat Logging Black box init/term done from different threads for StChatLogging and StFileTransfer.
28 ARIY8XMEQM - StCommunity server crashes in improper configured cluster environment..
29. KABS8YBBUK - fix a potential security issue by appending random value to the userID
30. ARIY8ZMMAJ - ST servers not added to trusted list when server documents in Domino directory have missing fields.
31. EAVM8X4AKB - Improved diagnostics of Sametime related applications and client authentication error messages features.
32. IMAN953KR5 - JavaToolkit defensive fix that protects against attempts to allocate memory buffer of a size larger than a size of actual input data buffer.
33. LKON928D6M - Name change does a wrong conversion of empty userid in the community entry of the contact list when running the LDAP task.
34. LKON8ZJDLU - Name change LDAP tasks wrongly converts some of the external user entries in attribute 0.
35. IMAN8VCEBE - Domino resources management fix (when offline messages are not enabled on the Community server)
36. IMAN8ZJCD7 - Defensive fix for STPolicy: interrupting worker thread that got stuck in time of either LDAP search or the search result processing
37. IMAN92MHC8 - STPolicy service optimization: don't search directory when no group policies defined.
38. IMAN95XDXJ - STPolicy should manage user and group policy assignments in case insensitive manner
39. IMAN93ZK9E - Allow to provide the same attribute value to a few requested detail items according to the configuration.
40. AAZI8Y2GGX - When an anonymous user logs in a meeting his name is displayed in the following form <USER NAME>/<DOMAIN NAME>.
As a result, when the domain name is empty the user name appear as <USER NAME>/, which is not a proper format to display.
41. COCH8QLF8K - fix for a dual directory configuration when Community server works with LDAP and configured with ST_TOKEN_USE_EXTERNAL_DIR=1

For Windows

Download the installation  852IFR_NNUM-9A5DHD_20130406_win from the following link:
Windows Link

For Linux
Download the installation   852IFR_NNUM-9A5DHD_20130406_linux from the following link:
Linux Link

Installation instructions

A prerequisite of Cumulative Fix 2 is that one of the following versions is installed already on Sametime Community server machine:

- Sametime Community server 8.5.2 version.
- Sametime Community server 8.5.2 IFR 1 version.
- Sametime Community server 8.5.2 IFR 1 Cumulative Fix 1 version.

Note that installation of Cumulative Fix 2 might fail if the above prerequisite is not fulfilled.

1. Shut down the Domino server.
2. Back up all binaries files, jar files, and sym files under Sametime default binaries folder (default path -> C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Domino ) and store the files in a different folder.
3. On the Sametime Community server, navigate to the directory where you copied and extracted the installation files.
4. Run the setup program.

- For Windows:
Click Next to proceed through the prompts until you see the Finish button, indicating that the update was successful

- For Linux:
Specify the existing Sametime 8.5.2. data installed folder.

Verify the installation by the following steps:
1. Restart Community server
2. Check that the latest sametime.log file contains several references to the Cumulative Fix 2
build label: SAMETIME8.5.2.1_20130405.1500

Installation Considerations

  • If there are any ad-hoc fixes on top 8.5.2 base before Cumulative Fix 2 is applied, those ad-hoc fixes will be overwritten by the Cumulative Fix 2 pack.
To review the list of SPR that are included in Cumulative Fix 2 , refer to SPR Fix List section.
Before installing Cumulative Fix 2, make sure that all ad-hoc fixes are listed in the SPR Fix List.
  • Recommended Hotfixes on top 8.5.2 Cumulative Fix 2:
    IMAN-93KJ76 - The fix detects client's duplicate requests of getting Contact list and ignore them. It allows the users to get their contact list and prevents clients from resubmitting, thus protect Sametime application from being overloaded
    ARIY-8WZCCK - address the case where Users get wrong contact list !
LKON-9BUFGR - address a crash of classic meetings application during Sametime start-up. Hotfix is available in this link.
If Sametime chat logging is enabled, it is recommend to install the latest cumulative Chat logging fix ARIY-97GGN6.
  •  After installing  Cumulative Fix 2, you may have issues running script on Linux when collecting Sametime diagnostics data.
    The following error appears:                                                                     
    "The Java class is not found: com.lotus.sametime.diagnostics.util.stdiagzip".
    To resolve this issue, you should install stdiagzip Hotfix that is available in this link.

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