Enterprise COBOL Version 5 needs z/OS 1.13 PE PTF UK79936 to be installed.

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PTF UK79936 is in the pre-req chain for UK94477. UK79936 is marked in error and the resolving PTF is not available. How do you install COBOL Version 5 with required PTF UK94477?



UK94477 needs to be installed using SMP/E BYPASS(HOLDSYS,HOLDERROR) option or ++APAR's should be applied. The action taken depends on whether you will be affected by the PE APAR PM84927.

  • If there is no use of PL/I on the system where COBOL is being installed then install UK94477 with a BYPASS(HOLDSYS,HOLDERROR)..
  • If PL/I is in use, the exposure to the problem reported in PM84927 will need to be evaluated. You may use the BYPASS HOLDERR or ++APAR's may be obtained from IBM Support. The solution will be delivered via LE C runtime APAR PM92578 and APAR PM84927. Contact the IBM Support Center to request the ++APAR's if desired.

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Software Development Enterprise PL/I for z/OS and OS/390 Runtime z/OS 4.3

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