Report query improvement for BCP IF0001 or later

Technote (troubleshooting)


There is an known issue with the BCP IF0001 or later version in TNPM 1.3.2 where some indexes need to be added to improve the report execution.


Report are running slow on TCR for Wireless model.


The query generated are not optimized without proper index. Based on common query, there is a need to provide an index for all DM tables for the column_name like '%KEY'

Diagnosing the problem

1. Capture the sql generated for the Cognos report.

2. Identify the DM tables used.

3. Check if there is any index for column_name like '%KEY" created or not for the particular DM tables.

Resolving the problem

To ensure the query generated are optimized, please run attached scripts to re-create all missing indexes for DM tables.

1. Unzip to the application server (eg. /appl)
2. chmod 755 generateIndex*
3. ./generateIndex.ksh

* generateIndex_out.sql will be generated consisting all the indexes to be created.
* This script need to be executed whenever there is new model published.

Rollback steps:
- If you would like to remove all indexes from DM tables, please use dropIndex.ksh from the same directory.

1. Unzip to the application server (eg. /appl)
2. chmod 755 dropIndex*
3. ./dropIndex.ksh

* The script will drop all indexes from DM tables created by generateIndex.ksh and also any indexes created by user manually.
* dropIndex_out.sql will be generated consisting all the indexes has been dropped.

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