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Can you open a Quanvert .pkd file in SPSS Statistics?

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Can you open a Quanvert .pkd file in SPSS Statistics?

If the pkd file file is a levels database can that file be read into SPSS and retain all the levels?

Resolving the problem

You can read Data Collection data sources only in local analysis mode. This feature is not available in distributed analysis mode using SPSS Statistics Server.

In any open SPSS Statistics window, from the menus choose:

File > Open Data Collection Data

On the Connection tab of Data Link Properties, choose Quanvert as the metadata file and the case data type, and browse to the location of the .pkd file.

Note: Do not change any of the other settings on the Connection tab or any of the settings on the other Data Link Properties tabs.

 Click OK.

 In the Data Collection Data Import dialog box, select the variables that you want to include and select any case selection criteria.

 Click OK to read the data.

NOTE: If the .pkd file is a levels database, you will not be able to read anything other than the first level of data in SPSS. You can open the levels pkd file in Quanvert or Survey Reporter and export a .sav file that will retain the different levels and open that .sav file in SPSS.

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