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Setting automatic password on Data Protection SAP® Oracle

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What steps need to be performed for the password to be automatically generated for the Tivoli Data Protection for SAP® (Oracle)?


Using Passwordacess=generate provides the advantage of automatic password handling. This allows the Tivoli Storage Manager API Client to automatically create a new password when the password expiration policy on the Tivoli Storage Manager server is reached.


Follow the steps given below to set automatic password.

  1. Remove the options "PASSWORDREQUIRED" and "ADSMNODE" from initSID.utl or comment them with sign "#" (if they exist).
  2. Add the following options to the dsm.sys file that is used by the Tivoli Storage Manager API (default location is /.../tvioli/tsm/client/api/bin or bin64):
    • Nodename XXXX (where XXXX is the nodename that is registered for this SAP backup)
    • passwordaccess generate
    • passworddir /ORACLE_HOME/dir
    • (Replace /ORACLE_HOME/dir with a directory that has write permissions for the orasid user)
  3. As the orasid user, run the following command to initially set the password:
    • backint -p initSID.utl -f password
    This will store the password in encrypted format within the TSM.PWD file.

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