Compatibility of 3.9 with TIP 1.1

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Can ITNM 3.9 installation use an existing install of TIP v 1.1?


ITNM 3.9 does not support to reuse the existing TIP v 1.1 its documented under Software Requirement --> Compatibility with other Tivoli Products -->

These releases are based on the Tivoli Integrated Portal (TIP) version 2.1 which offers numerous improvements in the common GUI platform, common reporting etc.

TIP 2.1, which is the version shipped as part of ITNM 3.9, introduced architectural changes which effectively moved products deployed in the TIP application context, from the administration space, as was for TIP 1.1.x, to the default workspace. In addition, TIP was updated from eWAS 6 to eWAS 7 and other updates introduced to address the problems with multi-tenancy environments, as well as enabling support road mapped requirements for future releases, and to ensure that as TIP evolves, products will not meet the same issues as were experienced in previous releases.

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