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Clarity Visualizer - Unable to open reports from the server using the Web Service

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When using the IBM Clarity Visualizer Builder application, the Select button for Linked Documents when creating a button is grayed out and it does not allow users to select documents. Users are also unable to open reports directly from the server using the Web Service.


Users are unable to open reports directly from the application server using the File -> Open -> Use Web Service option. The Select button is also grayed out when attempting to link to a document in Visualizer Builder.


The connection to the server is not properly configured or may not work correctly.


Clarity Visualizer 7.x

Diagnosing the problem

Open Visualizer Builder ->Select File -> Open

  1. Observe that it does not allow you to open the reports using the Use Web Service.

  1. On the main window select "Create a new report" option
  2. Select Button from the upper pane and add it on the grid
  3. Choose "Display a linked document" in the pop-up window and press Next
  4. Check the "Create new linked document" option and press Next
  5. Observe that the Select button is grayed out and it does not allow users to click on it

Resolving the problem

Configure the Web Service on the client machine by following the steps below:

  1. Open Visualizer Builder
  2. Go to Options -> select Web Integration
  3. In the Clarity Server URL field, enter your Clarity server name (the same used when connecting to Clarity in Internet Explorer);
  4. Check the "Customize Web Addresses" option and verify that the Clarity Webservice URL and Clarity Visualizer URL are correctly written ; if the fields are blank, enter the following:

    * Clarity Webservice URL: http ://server_name/claritywebservice/
    * Clarity Visualizer URL: http ://server_name/cpmviz/
  5. Leave the other options as default and press OK.

*Note that you can find the above parameters configured on the application server under Clarity Systems\ClarityServer\Visualizer\cpmviz\web.config file. Search for "ClarityServerURL" and "Clarity Webservice URL" to see their values.

Document information

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Software version: 7.0, 7.2, 7.2.1

Operating system(s): Windows

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Modified date: 14 July 2014

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