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Available quantity and shortage quantity showing at same time in Inventory Management Console

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Available quantity and shortage quantity showing at same time in Inventory Management Console


The Total Supply(Available To Promise) is greater than Total Demand, still some quantity is showing up as Shortage in Inventory Console. At this moment, Available quantity column and Shortage Column both show some quantity.


In first Impression, It seems like Available Quantity and Shortage column should not show quantity at same time. One of these two columns should be zero. However, It is possible that these two column show quantity at same time in a particular scenario.

By definition, if the Total Supply(ATP, i.e. Available To Promise) is greater than total demand then the difference is shown as Available Quantity in Inventory Console. While Calculating the Available quantity, Total Demand(which can be fulfilled by ATP Supply) is subtracted from ATP Supply. And while Calculating Shortage, System calculates the Demand which can not be fulfilled(as per rules/constraints configured). If in a scenario where a part of the demand can not be fulfilled from Available supply due to some constraints or no procurement set up, then this particular part will be shown as Shortage quantity. At the same time System can have some quantity as available quantity.

For example, There are 100 Quantity are available for Item X at Node N1. And there are two orders for this Item, for first Order(20 quantity) Node N1 has been stamped as ShipNode and for Second Order(30 quantity) Node N2 has been stamped as ShipNode at OrderLine level. Suppose if orders with ShipNode as Node N2, can not be fulfilled by inventory available at Node N1(say, no Procurement rules have been configured). If both the orders are scheduled now, then first order will be scheduled and second will be backordered against Node N2. Now while calculating availability, system will deduct only 20 quantity(since only this much demand can be fulfilled from Node N1) from Total Supply(100 quantity) and It will show Available Quantity as 80 Units. Since second order can not be fulfilled by available Supply, It will be shown as shortage quantity(30 Units)

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