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Performance testing of Microsoft Project using Rational Performance Tester

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Can you do a performance testing of Microsoft Project (MSP) Windows Client using IBM Rational Performance Tester (RPT)?


Support of Microsoft Windows client would help in performance testing MSP applications.


In RPT, you decide if an Application Under Test (AUT) is supported or not based on the type of Protocol used. If the AUT uses any of the standard protocol that RPT supports then you can proceed with testing of the application.

RPT Supported Protocol List

If you have applications that are built on MSP which can be accessed using HTTP/HTTPS protocol then it would be supported. Generally for such desktop based applications you can proceed with recording using Socket Protocol provided it establishes TCP/IP connections.

For MSP as a stand-alone windows client there will not be any TCP connections open to capture the network traffic. So this would not be supported.

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