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FSR 6.6.1 FP2 - Upgrade Instructions & Supplementary Information

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How can I upgrade from my current FSR version to FSR

Full Product Name: IBM Cognos Financial Statement Reporting (FSR) 6.6.1 Fix Pack 2
Also Known As: FSR 6.6.1 Fix Pack 2 or or 6.7.2


Note: To upgrade to FSR you will first need to have FSR 6.6.1 or FSR 6.6.1 FP1 ( installed. Software and hardware requirements remain the same as the FSR 6.6.1 release, though new supported software may now be available in a newer release. Also note that FP5 is also now available, so this FP2 release can be skipped to go straight to the newest build.

Upgrading from FSR 6.6.1 or FSR

1. Ensure your client version is 6.6.1 ( or higher), this is on the FSR Login Screen on startup.
2. Close any open FSR instances. Also, please ensure you do NOT remove your existing client.
3. Run the setup.exe appropriate to your current installation (from the 32-bit or 64-bit folder).
4. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete installation.
5. Launch FSR and access Help > About. The client version should read (

1. Please ensure a full database backup is made prior to running any upgrade scripts.
2. Ensure you are on database version or higher. Confirm, by checking table dbo.TxVersion.
3. If you are on FSR 6.6.1 ( database version): Run the FSR 6.6.1 to upgrade script first followed by the new FSR to upgrade script. If instead you are already on FSR ( database version), only run the to script. See file locations below.

FSR 6.6.1 to Script:
\Database\Upgrade\FSR Database Scripts\Upgrade\6.7 to 6.7.1\Upgrade.sql

FSR to Script:
\Database\Upgrade\FSR Database Scripts\Upgrade\6.7.1 to 6.7.2\Upgrade.sql

4. Ensure there are no error messages and the query completes successfully. Confirm by checking the table dbo.txVersion (ie. select verno from dbo.txversion). The DB version should now read as

Upgrading From Versions Prior To FSR 6.6.1 (ie. FSR 6.5.1, 6.6.0,

1. Perform a full FSR database backup. (XBRL Clients: Backup your XET taxonomies by generating to a folder.)
2. Please follow the detailed upgrade instructions by clicking here, to upgrade to FSR 6.6.1.
3. Now, follow the instructions in the previous section above to upgrade from FSR 6.6.1 to

FSR - Important Links

1. Download Now via Fix Central (More Details)
2. Product Documentation - Web Version
3. Product Documentation - PDF Version
4. FSR Support Portal - Tickets, Updates, Technotes, Alerts

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