Inconsistent behaviour between a filtered loop vs grid when inserting text from "other specied" from previous question

Technote (troubleshooting)


Generating a loop that has the iterations based on the "other specidy" items chosen at
a previous categorical question does not create the same subject list
as doing the same action for a grid.


1. Create a multiple categorical question, give it say 3 categories

"brand A, B, C" and an "Other"
2. Now add a grid question. Rather than typing in the subject go to the
properties pane and make it show you "selected and question" Show what
you selected at the multiple categorical.
3. Now add a loop question. Add the subjects the same way you did for
the grid. (Chosen at the categorical.) Add a question to the loop, type
doesn't matter. In the question text make sure you place a {@}.
4. Now run the survey. Select the other and type something in.
-At the grid question you will see the text you typed in at the other.
-On the correct loop item you will not see the text you typed in at

Resolving the problem

Need to insert IOM scripting to get the loop to work correctly by replacing with text from "other specified". See attached 2 documents in .zip file that explains how to set this up and resulting mdd file.

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