Loading TSAFS in a Novell Netware cluster

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Does IBM Tivoli Storage Manager require special options when loading TSAFS in a cluster ?


The usual way to load the Novell Netware "Target Service Agents for File Systems" module
(TSAFS.NLM) for use with Tivoli Storage Manager client would be with /nocluster.
This is necessary because the Tivoli Storage Manager client does not support
the full Netware cluster presentation of volumes

but can identify the volume names by the first part

In special cases the setting /Cluster=1 may be required, e.g. for tools which
require the Cluster-Volume to be displayed via the virtual server (virtual IP
address), as in the case of the Novell migration tools (SCMT or Migration-Toolkit).

To enable Tivoli Storage Manager to work without a problem despite this setting,
the volumes to be backed up are explicitly taken into account by the option /ShowClusterVolumeOnNode=1.
This will display volumes in the form

To summarize, the Tivoli Storage Manager client on Novell NetWare supports the
following combination of options for loading the TSAFS module on a NetWare
1.) TSAFS.NLM /nocluster
2.) TSAFS.NLM /Cluster=1 /ShowClusterVolumesOnNode=1

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