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Extracting Rational DOORS data using Rational Publishing Engine template results in "CRRPE1064I Engine Error"

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to extract IBM Rational DOORS data using IBM Rational Publishing Engine template results in the error "The number of recursive segments in excess of the number of segments".


The full error message is as follows:

CRRPE1064I Engine Error
The number of recursive segments for request $1 is in excess of the number of segments in the request.
CRRPE3011E IBM Rational Publishing Engine Error


The template has Recursive Level set to 4 and Recursive Segments set to 3. However, the query used in the template doesn't have more than 2 segments i.e. Module/Object. The segment can be more than 2 in case if we go deeper, but its not applicable for DOORS data source.

Resolving the problem


  1. Open the template in Document Studio

  2. Go to Main Container Properties > Data

  3. Set Recursive Level to 0 and Recursive Segments to 1

  4. Run the extraction

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Software version: 1.1.2,,, 1.2,

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Reference #: 1643612

Modified date: 12 July 2013

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