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Armable license dialog shown when saving scripts using Oracle applications extension

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Attempts to save a recorded script using IBM Rational Performance Tester (RPT) for Oracle applications extension results in Armable license warning.


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Record a script using Oracle recorder.
  2. Save the recorded script.
  3. A License warning on Armable transactions will pop up in the pop up window.
  4. Click Cancel and the script will get saved.

Expected Result: Script should get saved without any warning.

Actual Result: The below warning message pops upon saving



Armable license will be checked only when schedule is enabled for response time breakdown .

Resolving the problem

This is a known behavior when recording is done using Oracle recorder.

This feature request has been submitted as Change request 36896.

Rational RFE Community

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Document information

More support for: Rational Performance Tester
Elite Support for BSD Oracle Apps Extension

Software version: 8.2,,,,,,, 8.2.1,,,,,, 8.3,,,, 8.5

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1643602

Modified date: 18 September 2013

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