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How to monitor loader performance?


To generate this graph, you'll need loader stats file (e,g,: huaweiumtsutran_v900r013c00spc500_stat.csv) and the attached JAVA program will separate the necessary fields (e.g.: ParseTime, FileCount, etc) so that it can be used to generate graph easily. Make sure you use the correct loader stats file for investigation.


To execute this program, use a JAVA compiler/SDK - like Eclipse. The main class is called LoaderStatConvert (which has the main program in it). When you execute this program, make sure you supply the location of the loader stats files (or its directory). The said program will separate the values from loader stats file according to the fields and generate a CSV file with "_agg" suffix for each loader stats. Use the CSV file generated to generate line graph (or any graph).

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Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager for Wireless

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1.2.1, 1.3

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AIX, Linux, Solaris

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