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ANR2787E The server failed with error code 1392

Technote (troubleshooting)


A Tivoli Storage Manager server issues the ANR2787E message with error code 1392 when trying to access a FILE storage pool volume on Windows.


The following errors are recorded in the Tivoli Storage Manager server activity log :

ANR2787E The server failed with error code 1392 when attempt to access X:\TSMDATA\SERVER1\FILECLASS\00001234.bfs. (SESSION: nn)
ANR9999D_2231172434 OpenActiveVol(asvolmnt.c:4617) Thread<xx>: Unknown result code (30) from pvrOpen. (SESSION: nn)
ANR9999D Thread<xx> issued message 9999 from: (SESSION: nn)
ANR9999D Thread<xx> YYYYYYYY Unknown (SESSION: nn)
ANR9999D Thread<xx> 78543433 endthreadex()+44 (SESSION: nn)
ANR9999D Thread<xx> 7C82481F GetModuleHandleA()+df (SESSION: nn)

Diagnosing the problem

The error code 1392 is a Windows system error code that is defined as follows :

1392 (0x570)
The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.

Verify that the drive is functional at the operating system level. In this case, trying to access the drive (X:) via the Windows command prompt or Windows Explorer logged an error that the drive was not accessible.

Resolving the problem

Contact the disk hardware vendor to resolve hardware issues with the drive. After the drive is operational at the Windows level, it might be necessary to verify whether files are damaged on the volume in Tivoli Storage Manager by running an AUDIT VOLUME command with FIX=NO. If files are damaged, use the RESTORE VOLUME command to restore the files from a copy pool (if copied). Use the DELETE VOLUME command with DISCARDDATA=YES if you decide that the volume is not needed anymore.

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