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Capability of Renaming or Delete OpenPages Usernames or Groups

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Can an OpenPages administrator delete or rename an OpenPages username or OpenPages group?


The OpenPages user interface (UI) does not allow an OpenPages administrator to rename or delete the following:

    • An OpenPages group
    • An OpenPages username
In rare instances, SQL can be used if an administrator accidentally created a new group when it was intended to be a new username (or vice versa). However SQL should NOT be used to modify an existing username or existing group. This will cause data integrity issues and audit trail issues.

The reason for data integrity / audit trail issues is that creating a user will create multiple entries on various database tables. Additionally, creating a user also creates entries in various audit trails. This is still true even though the user and/or group has no role assignments assigned to it yet.

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Modified date: 08 July 2013

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