Variable element has invalid Punch property

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When try to export to SSS data format we getting following error.

Error: (Failed to create target table: Output - Error opening output datasource: Output - An error occurred while reading metadata for variable 'xxxx': Variable 'xxxx' element 'xx' has invalid Punch property = ) (Where xxxx is variable name and xx is element name)

All other formats working fine. just only SSS data format has above problem.

Resolving the problem

This issue is cause because of the invalid punch entries in mdd file. Please follow below steps to resolve the issue.

(1) Download the mdd file from ISA.
(2) Now open mdd into "Metadata Model to Quantum" and go to Tools--> Clear All cols and Punches. So it will clear all exiting punches. Save mdd.
(3) Now select Tools--> Allocate Cols and Punches and save the mdd. Save the mdd file.
(4) Upload mdd back to ISA. When it prompts select "OverWrite".

Reactivate the project again and try to export data in SSS data format.

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