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How to use IBM Rational Agent Controller for z/OS

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How do you use IBM Rational Agent Controller for z/OS as part of IBM Rational Performance Tester?


You need these instructions, because you must make modifications to the IBM Rational Performance Tester workbench.


To actually use the agent with an IBM Rational Performance Tester workbench, you need to make modifications to the workbench.

The Load Generation agent is unavailable on z/OS. This Load Generation agent is avialble from version 8.3. Z/OS uses the Rational Agent Controller (RAC) agent. instead. Therefore, you need to tell the workbench to use RAC agents instead of Load Generation agents. To do this, add the -DrptACScheduleLaunch option to your eclipse.ini, before you start IBM Rational Performance Tester.



  C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP\Majordomo\jdk\jre\bin\javaw.exe




  C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP










  -DIBM Rational Performance TesterACScheduleLaunch


When you add this option, the IBM Rational Performance Tester workbench assumea that all agents are RAC-based. Therefore, if you want to use non-z/OS agents in a schedule with a z/OS agent, you need to have the RAC installed on all the agents.

You can install both the RAC and the Load Generation agent on Windows, Linux and AIX.

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