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tacmd login error - entry point KDH1_LoginAttemptFailed

Technote (troubleshooting)


"tacmd login" command results in this error: the procedure entry point KDH1_LoginAttemptFailed could not be located in the dynamic link library kbb.dll.


Not able to login to TEMS.


The CLI and remote deploy components were redesigned during 6.2.2 but provisions were not made to cleanup old files. So, even though it is wrong, it is working as designed.

Diagnosing the problem

Run pdcollect and review the files in the / dir

Resolving the problem

In this case the kbb.dll file (dated 7/12/2011) appears to be left over from a previous install (this could also be kdh.dll). When you look at the dir listing of ITMHOME (CANDLE_HOME) in the BIN directory there are other files that should be moved to another directory or removed. These are dated 7/12/2011 also. Here is a list:

07/12/2011 03:04 PM 327,680 kbb.dll
07/12/2011 03:04 PM 368,640 kdc.dll
07/12/2011 03:09 PM 10,240 kdcexed.exe
07/12/2011 03:09 PM 13,824 kdcexer.exe
07/12/2011 03:09 PM 6,656 kdcglbd.exe
07/12/2011 03:09 PM 49,152 kdclbad.exe
07/12/2011 03:09 PM 12,800 kdclbex.exe
07/12/2011 03:09 PM 6,656 kdcllbd.exe
07/12/2011 03:09 PM 5,632 kdcmstc.exe
07/12/2011 03:09 PM 7,168 kdcuuid.exe
07/12/2011 03:04 PM 323,584 kde.dll
07/12/2011 03:09 PM 10,240 kde1.exe
07/12/2011 03:04 PM 18,432 kdebe.dll
07/12/2011 03:04 PM 49,152 kdec.dll
07/12/2011 03:04 PM 172,032 kdh.dll.bak
07/12/2011 03:09 PM 10,752 kdh1.exe
07/12/2011 03:04 PM 49,152 klx.dll

What you need to do is create the C:\IBM\ITM\BIN\oldfiles directory and move the above files to this new directory. Rerun the tacmd command and if it works and other tacmd commands work, the moved files can then be deleted. Both the kui and kue components were checked and these files are no longer present in the ITMHOME\BIN directory.

Document information

More support for: IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6
ITM Tivoli Enterprise Mgmt Server V6

Software version: 6.2.2, 6.2.3

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1642902

Modified date: 24 June 2016

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