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Changing repository location after selecting to save in IBM SPSS Statistics

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In IBM SPSS Statistics after setting the repository user name, password and location including port number you select to save the settings.


If the server details of where you are connecting to change you can not readily change them as the settings are saved and you are no longer prompted.

The selection is made in the pop up window titled as:
Repository: Credentials

The tick box is labelled as "Remember repository and user ID


The problem occurs as you have told it to save the setting as you do not want to have to enter or confirm the details each time you use the application and connect to the repository.

These settings are actually controlled by the Java API, which in turn, is controlled by the Windows Registry.


This was tested under a Windows environment as the settings are stored in the system registry.

Resolving the problem

Please have your IT team edit the following registry entry using REGEDIT and the following steps.

Go to the following registry key:


Edit the following parameters to the customer's specifications:
- hostname
- port

A side note is that IBM SPSS Modeler will use the same registry key when connecting to a C&DS Repository.
So making this one change will affect the behaviour of both of our products.

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