Extraneous entries in /etc/hosts can cause dsmsnmp connection failure.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Entries in the /etc/hosts file that point to the same fully qualified domain name but list multiple IP addresses can cause dsmsnmp to not bind to any port or bind to a port on an unexpected address.


When dsmsnmp service is started it does not display the message:

    ANR8200I TCP/IP Version 4 driver ready for connection with clients on port 1521.

'netstat -Aa' shows no service binding to port 1521 but the OS command 'ps -ef' does show dsmsnmp running.


dsmsnmp is not able to determine what IP address to bind it's listening port to or attempt to bind to an IP address that is not active.

Diagnosing the problem

Remove the name resolution by changing the SNMPSUBAGENT host value to and then restart dsmsnmp. The SNMPSUBAGNET option is set in the dsmserv.opt file:

    SNMPSUBAGENT         hostname communityname public timeout 600

Restarting the dsmsnmp should show the following message:

    ANR8200I TCP/IP Version 4 driver ready for connection with clients on port 1521.

The Tivoli Storage Manager server activity log should display the following message at server startup:

    ANR4660I Connected to SNMP subagent at on port 1521.

Resolving the problem

Depending if snmpd is also running on the local system, keeping the SNMPSUBAGENT HOSTNAME value set to127.0.0.1 will resolve the problem. If connecting to a remote snmpd process then name resolution needs to be functional. In that case limit the /etc/hosts entries for a given fully qualified hostname to a single IP address.

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