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How to use a symbolic link for the database path in Rational Synergy

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How can you use a symbolic link for the database path and use this when starting a Web mode Developer Client in IBM Rational Synergy?


With the Rational Synergy server on Unix/Linux, symbolic links can be used to shorten the database path during login to the Synergy Developer Client in web-mode. Apart from creating the symbolic link a few other changes need to be made.


The following steps are required before a symbolic link database path can be used during Rational Synergy Developer Client web-mode login:

  1. Create the symbolic link on the Unix/Linux server as follows:
    At the shell prompt navigate to the root directory ('/') and run:
    ln -s <current-db_path> <symbolic-db-path>
    where <current-db_path> is the current Rational Synergy database path and <symbolic-db_path> the shorter symbolic link database path.

  2. Log into the Rational Synergy admin page:
    http:// : /admin
    and remove the database for which a symbolic link was created.

  3. As ccm_root user, run following command at the shell prompt:
    ccmdb info <current database path> -k dbpath -v <symbolic link database path>

  4. In Rational Synergy admin page add the same database with the symbolic link path.

  5. As the Rational Synergy admin user, stop and restart the Rational Synergy daemons:

You will now be able to log into the Rational Synergy client in web-mode using the database symbolic link database path.

NOTE: Ensure that the paths in ccmdb info <database path> and in the Rational Synergy admin page are the same, except that the path in ccmdb info has '/db' added at the end. If these paths do not correspond, you will see the error:
"This database has not been assigned to a server.  A database must be assigned to a server before it can be used by web-mode clients."

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