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WebSphere Application Servers for z/OS do not start after upgrade to

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After upgrade of WebSphere Application Server for z/OS to fix pack from an earlier fix pack level, servers fail in the step and will not start.


The applyPTF.out log will show errors like this:
Includesfile /<WAS_HOME>/properties/service/product/WebSphere/service/actions/sync/cf291321.01 not found.

This issue is specific to fix pack and is being addressed by apar PM92213. The PTF for this is UK95646 and is available for ordering. Alternatively, ++APAR AM92213 is available for download at

Note: Only product users upgrading to v7.0.0.29 will encounter this problem. All other fix pack levels are unaffected by it.

Temporary Fix:
Start a server in the node that was upgraded. After the server fails to start, rename file cf91321.01 to cf291321.01 in the following directory for each node that was upgraded. Note, the difference is the extra digit "2".


Then restart the server for the 2nd time so the PostInstaller actions can complete.

Note: This step only needs to be done once per node.

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More support for: WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

Software version: 7.0,

Operating system(s): z/OS

Reference #: 1642775

Modified date: 02 July 2013

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