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Clarity Server - Point template to new OLAP database

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How to point a template to a newly created OLAP Database?


When you add a new database, you need to point existing templates to connect to it.


In IBM Clarity Server 7, if you need to point a template to a different OLAP Database, you simply edit the existing cube alias within the XML code of the template.

  1. Open the .template file and locate the source, this should be found at the beginning, however, depending on the complexity of the template, might be located in other sections as well.
  2. Change the alias with the new one set up in OLAP Manager.

    *Note. If you do not change the alias in OLAP Manager, but change the database name, you do not need to change the template anymore.

    Here is a quick example from a local environment. We have cube_1 an alias for a MSAS cube called clarity1 and the template looks like this:

    <Template Name="Document1">
    <Source Name="cube_1" Provider="AnalysisServices" />

    If we create a new cube clarity2 and add in OLAP Manager with the alias cube_2, we make the change in the template as follows:

    <Template Name="Document1">
    <Source Name="cube_2" Provider="AnalysisServices" />

    However, if we make the change in OLAP Manager so that clarity1 has an alias like cube_old and clarity2 has cube_1, we do not need to change anything in the template as it will work.

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