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Tape operations fail with ANR8302E error on Error Number=1104

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"ANR8302E I/O error, OP=LOCATE, Error Number=1104, CC=0, KEY=08, ASC=14, ASCQ=03" errors on tape operations

Resolving the problem

I/O errors during tape operations with new tapes might fail with this error reported in the Tivoli Storage Manager server activity log:

ANR8302E I/O error on drive DRIVE1 with volume VOLUME1 (OP=LOCATE, Error Number=1104, CC=0, KEY=08,  ASC=14, ASCQ=03, Description=An undetermined error has occurred).

The information from the message above means:
OP=LOCATE indicates that the drive was attempting to perform a "locate" operation on the tape volume
ERROR NUMBER=1104 from Windows means "No more data is on the tape."
KEY=08: "blank check"
ASC=14, ASCQ=03: "End-of-data not found"

The errors above all point to a tape volume problem. Remove the offending tape (in example above, VOLUME1) and retry the tape operation.

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TSM IBM Spectrum Protect

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