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Cannot Access Archive or Open Other Mail File In iNotes When Accessing Via Reverse Proxy (Which Does Not Rewrite Urls)

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A customer was using two different dns domains for iNotes external and internal use through a reverse proxy. The customer found that iNotes works fine with multiple internet sites internally however when they try to open the archive link (and the archives are stored on a separate server) this does not work.

The archive link in the mail file always resolves to the internal server name which is listed in the server document=> For example it was resolving to notes.domain.local instead of

It was expected that the Server Domain was calculated based on the current Domain however this does not appear to be working. A similar problem exists when opening another users mail file if the mail file was not on the same server.

If using the notes.ini setting iNotes_WA_UseRelativeUrl=1 then the archive link in the mail file resolves to the external server name/domain however it opens to the url of the home mail server and not the archive server.

The notes.ini setting iNotes_WA_ArchiveUseHTTPHostName=1 is also not useful since different domain names would be used depending on internal /external access.


The customer was using a reverse proxy which does not rewrite url's. iNotes does not rewrite url's based on where user is entering from. It does it based on domino server documents. When using Reverse Proxy and Other Mail file iNotes sends back a browser 302 redirect to the home mail server of the other mail file that reverse proxies can rewrite.


This is currently working as designed however this issue has been reported as enhancement SPR # SDOY992FGG.

Note that as part of Domino 9.0 customers are now entitled to IBM Websphere Edge Network Dispatcher (IBM proxy) that can do rewrites.  

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