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ANR2971E Database backup fails with DB2 sqlcode -5005 error

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Tivoli Storage Manager DB backup fails with DB2 sqlcode -5005 error.


While attempting to run BACKUP DB the command fails, and the activity log reports the following error message:

ANR2971E Database backup/restore/rollforwardterminated - DB2 sqlcode -5005 error.

The db2diag.log shows following error:

2013-06-29- I1493A414 LEVEL: Error
PID : 5308450 TID : 772 PROC : db2acd 0
INSTANCE: tsminst1 NODE : 000
EDUID : 772 EDUNAME: db2acd 0
FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, config/install, sqlfGetDbmCfg, probe:10
MESSAGE : SQL5005: sqlf_openfile rc =
DATA #1 : Hexdump, 4 bytes
0x000000011050A250 : 860F 000A


The sqlcode -5005 translates to:
"The operation failed because the database manager failed to access either the database manager configuration file or the database configuration file."

Diagnosing the problem

When querying DB2 for more details on this error the following explanation is shown:

$ db2 "? sql5005"

SQL5005C System Error.


A system error, probably an I/O error, was encountered while accessing a configuration file.

The command cannot be processed.

User Response:

Resubmit the command.

If the error persists, check the db2diag.log file for details and ensure that the configuration file is accessible. If unable to resolve the problem, contact an IBM Service Representative for assistance.

Resolving the problem

The db2systm configuration file is created in the sqllib subdirectory of the instance directory (/home/<instance_name>/sqllib) when the instance is initially created.

To resolve this error, check following:

1. The permissions for this file should be similiar to the following:
-rw-rw-r-- 1 <instance_name> <sysadm group> 16384 Jun 29 2013 db2systm

2. If the db2systm file is not present then contact DB2 support for further assistance.

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